10 Tips for Selecting a Reliable Drink Supplier in Australia


Getting what you need for your Brisbane convenience store, restaurant or other hospitality business, can be a challenge. When looking for a drink supplier that can provide the beverages you need consistently, reliably, and at the best possible price, it helps if you do your homework upfront and follow these tips for selecting the most suitable one from the start.

  1. Make a list of the factors you consider most important in your beverage supplier. For most Brisbane businesses this will be a combination of price, payment terms, quality, specific delivery schedules, packaging, and other factors.

2. Do your homework. Check with a number of drink suppliers how they stack up on the factors you consider most important. Don’t assume that they are all the same. You may not find one that scores 10 out of 10 on every factor but it will help you narrow down your shortlist.

3. Don’t just take the supplier’s word for it – gather pricelists with terms and conditions included and compare them like for like.

4. Price is always important, but if it is very low there may be other factors that will negatively impact your business – such as a poor delivery schedule or poor quality goods. The supplier may also charge for delivery to make up shortfalls. Find this out before deciding.

5. Make sure that you deal with someone who has the authority to grant discounts or special deals. Identify who has this authority and then talk with them directly rather than through a third party.

6. If you are buying in bulk, be prepared to negotiate on price with your shortlisted suppliers – this can save you valuable dollars in the future.

7. You want to be sure that if you have a problem, it will be dealt with quickly. If your initial requests for information are not dealt with promptly it is unlikely this will improve when you are a customer.

8. Even if the supplier cannot move on price, ask what else they can throw into the deal. Promotional material is usually in good supply – try to secure as much of this as possible.

9. Word of mouth travels fast – especially bad reputations. Check what the experiences of other local businesses have been with a particular supplier. This should give you an indication of its dependability.

10. Details like times of deliveries are important to your business. Drinks need time to cool down in the heat of a Brisbane summer, so ensure that your beverage supplier commits to getting them to you at suitable times.

Finally, note that, while the largest drink suppliers may provide the best prices, dealing with suppliers that monopolise your local area puts you in a poor bargaining position. You can find more tips on choosing the right supplier for your business here.

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