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5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Beverage Distributor




For a convenience store, restaurant, bar or other outlet needing a dependable beverage distributor for its business, there are some important factors to consider before selecting your preferred partner.

Your choice can make the difference between effortlessly keeping those shelves stocked with your customers’ favourite soft drinks and wasting time on the phone chasing up orders.

We have put together the five main questions you should ask before making your decision:

One quality you definitely require from any soft drinks distributor is reliability. You want the correct order delivered on time without having to waste time chasing up. This usually means that the distributor must have an efficient order processing system and be large enough to cover its area with a fleet of delivery trucks.

If there is ever a problem, you need it sorted out quickly; besides that, it brightens the day to deal with pleasant people when you are ordering your supplies. So, factor in the customer service and support before you decide which beverage distributor to use.

The advantage of going with a larger supplier is that they usually represent a wide range of manufacturers and brands, so rather than having to deal with multiple suppliers, you can deal with just one distributor.

Of course the bottom line is always important. Does the distributor offer the best prices, as this will affect your profit margins? Is there a delivery fee? It’s always best to compare a few distributors as deals may vary.

Speak to other businesses that use the distributor and find out their opinions. What is the reputation like? Have others ever had any problems? Are they well looked after? Check out online sources too. News travels fast these days, so you should be able to uncover any problems with a particular distributor before making your decision.

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