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Bizarre Food Phobias


You may have heard of Food Phobias. These amazing food phobias will surprise you. These are certainly interesting and fun for those who don’t fear.

All people have some form of fear in their lives. Although we don’t pretend to have them, they aren’t hidden from us. We all know that there are things we are afraid of. Phobia can be described as a state of mind that asks you to avoid certain items, animals, or other things.

These are not things that people shy away from claiming. Some people fear heights, others fear water and many more. We have chosen to focus on food phobia as it is slightly different from all other phobias.

1> Xocolatophobia – Fear Of Chocolates

It is hard to believe that it is one of the most beloved foods. Some people are afraid to eat chocolates. It is not something that people can imagine, but they have to deal with every day. This is a very severe phobia.

2> Elurophobia – Fear Of Cheese

This could be fear. It is possible to be afraid of cheese-based products. It could be due to the formation of cheese.

This fear can be extended to other dairy products like butter, ghee and paneer, and some sweets containing milk. While these products may seem dangerous to some, they are harmless.

3> Arachibutyrophobia – Fear Of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is sticky and can get stuck in your mouth for a while. Because of the fear of it getting stuck in their mouths, many people avoid peanut butter. Peanut butter can make them feel suffocated.

4> Fear Of Mushrooms – Mycophobia

Some people avoid eating poisonous foods because they are concerned about their health. Others love to include mushrooms in their pizza and pasta to make it more flavorful.

5> Phagophobia: Fear of Swallowing Food

This phobia can have severe consequences, and people may find it difficult to swallow their saliva. This fear can cause serious health problems and maybe the most frightening in your life.

6> Cibophobia (Sitophobia – Fear Of Food)

Without food, we can’t survive in this world. This is the hardest one because we can’t survive without it. It is impossible to avoid food for a specific period.

7> Geumaphobia – Fear Of Taste

People with this fear are also afraid of unpleasant tastes. Because they fear new flavours and textures, people with this fear cannot try new foods. These people are not willing to try new foods.

These people eat only the food they know and don’t try new foods. They only eat familiar foods.

8> Arachnophobia – Fear Of Vegetables

This is the most common phobia that children who strongly dislike vegetables have. This includes bitter gourd, broccoli, and many other vegetables. Lachanophobia makes it difficult to eat a balanced diet.

9> Acrophobia: Fear Of Sour Things

A certain group of people fear eating sour foods, such as pickles, lemons, and tamarind. These people will avoid sweets that taste too sour.

Acrophobia is a condition where people feel tingling when they eat citrus fruits. They feel dizzy and nauseous by the sour taste. They try to avoid these foods.

10> Alliumphobia – Fear Of Garlic

Most of the food and vegetables we eat today are prepared with garlic. Some people dislike the taste and smell of garlic. Alliumphobia is a condition that affects the way people cook and flavour food.

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