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Sheet Pan Chicken Recipes


It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or preparing dinner for your family. It is worth cutting back on time and flavor. Sheet pan dinners are great because they are quick, easy, and family-friendly. This is a great way for the whole family to get involved in making your one-pan dinner. It also makes it easy to clean up the mess since you only need one pan. A sink full of pots is not something that anyone likes. There are 20 sheet pan chicken recipes that we have found that you will love.

Sheet Pan Bruschetta Chicken Dinner

Nothing can beat the garlic zest of bruschetta bread. It’s a great flavor to add to your next chicken meal. You can add all the wonderful flavors of bruschetta, such as tomatoes, garlic, and Italian goodness, to your chicken.

Mini potatoes and cherry tomatoes can be baked as accompaniments to a complete meal. This is a quick and easy way to make delicious food.

One Pan Honey and Garlic Chicken

Honey and garlic are a great pairing. Honey and garlic don’t just belong on chicken wings. This sheet pan recipe is a great option for quick dinners.

Baked potatoes and green beans are delicious side dishes paired with your chicken dinner.

Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken and Veggies

Sweet and savory sauces can give your chicken sheet pan dinner an Asian touch. This sauce is made from soy sauce and hoisin sauce and honey, and garlic. These flavors complement each other well because of the tanginess of the soy sauce and garlic.

This recipe is great for nutrition and flavor. Add broccoli florets or chopped red pepper for a great serving of vegetables. You can serve this dish over rice, vermicelli noodles, or something similar that you and your family will enjoy.

Mediterranean Chicken and Veggies

It’s easy to change up chicken dinners and make them feel fresh again. This sheet pan recipe is Mediterranean-inspired.

The olive oil is lightly used to season this dinner with hints of salt, pepper, oregano, and red pepper flakes. This delicious meal is topped with feta cheese lemon slices and will be salty and savory.

Greek Chicken Sheet Pan

It’s easy to bring culture to your dinner by simply adding new seasonings and ingredients. This Greek sheet pan dinner is sure to please the whole family. They will want it every week.

Season this recipe with fresh garlic, salt, pepper and fresh ginger. For extra flavor, top your sheet-pan dinner with chunks and red onions. To make your meal authentically Greek, serve it with tzatziki sauce.

Sesame Teriyaki Chicken and Veggies

This tasty recipe combines Asian flavors to make it a great choice for your next take-out order. This dinner can be eaten as a meal or served with rice.

The recipe contains instructions for making your teriyaki glaze. However, if time is tight, you can buy ready-made sauce to speed up this quick dinner. The recipe can be easily adapted to serve two, but you could use two sheets of baking pans to serve the entire family. You should give your vegetable space to cook, not being crowded together.

One Pan Chicken Fajitas

These delicious fajitas will change up your taco night. Fajitas can be compared to tacos, but the main difference is that fajitas come with strips of meat. Tacos are typically served with ground beef and chicken.

This recipe includes step-by-step instructions for making your fajita sauce. Multiplying the recipe can save you time and allow you to keep your fajita spice ready for future meals. This meal is sweet and spicy, with hints of lime. You can serve it over rice or in a corn tortilla or flour tortilla. Or you could eat it as a single dish.

Roasted Ginger Tumeric Chicken And Vegetables

This recipe requires that you marinate the chicken in a delicious ginger-turmeric marinade. Allow the chicken to marinate for a day, and then you can quickly assemble it when you get home from work.

The recipe makes enough for four people. However, you can make the recipes in two sheets pans to serve more hungry guests or leftovers for lunch later in the week. For a balanced healthy meal, serve this dish over cooked quinoa.

Pickle Juice Sheet Pan Chicken dinner

This recipe will give you a reason to use your pickle juice instead of throwing it away. It could be used for more than just flavoring your pickles.

Pickle juice has a lot of flavors, including garlic, dill, and salt. It makes a great marinade for chicken. Put your chicken in a bag and let it marinate for 24 hours. When you return from work, your sheet pan dinner is ready to be assembled. You can add other potatoes to spice up your dish. Season your sheet pan with fresh chopped dill. This easy dinner will be ready in no time.

Sriracha-Ranch Chicken

This recipe is perfect for anyone who loves sriracha hot sauce on everything. This sheet pan recipe can make a quick dinner or prepare your lunches for work for the week.

This recipe requires that you season your sheet pan with dry ranch seasoning and sriracha. You can purchase packets at your local grocery store. You can use a variety of vegetables in this recipe, including mini potatoes, red peppers, carrots, and broccoli. You don’t have to love all of these vegetables. Swap them for your favorite to cook with the chicken.


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