The differences between Powerade and Gatorade


When looking to buy energy drinks, many people don’t realise the subtle differences between market leaders Gatorade and Powerade. Both drinks are extremely popular, especially among the young and sporty. They all but dominate the energy drinks market, with Powerade having 58% market share and Gatorade right behind at 33%.

Energy drinks are most popular in sports such as baseball, rugby union and Australian rules football, with over 20% of the players of these sports regularly consuming energy drinks. People choose Powerade and Gatorade when playing sport both to get a sugar hit for energy, and to replace vitamins, minerals and electrolytes lost during exercise.Powerade vs Gatorade

When we exercise, we sweat out a lot more than just water. Potassium and sodium – required for maintaining water levels in your blood – are also lost, and need to be replaced. While both Gatorade and Powerade have fairly similar potassium levels, Gatorade’s higher sodium content makes it better for replenishing these electrolytes and preventing muscle cramping.

Gatorade and Powerade both offer lots of choice in flavours and mixtures. Powerade’s most popular flavours include Orange, Sour Melon, Strawberry Lemonade and Mountain Berry, while Gatorade has Lemon Lime, Cool Blue, Fruit Punch and Glacier Freeze.

For the health-conscious, Powerade offers special mixtures with zero sugar. Gatorade similarly has low-sugar beverages, as well as drinks with much more sodium and potassium for endurance athletes.

While both brands have similar quantities of sugar per serving, they do contain different sugar types. Gatorade contains a mix of simple sugars, such as sucrose and dextrose, for easy absorption. Powerade gets its sugar from high-fructose corn syrup, which in large amounts has been linked to weight gain and other health risks.

While Gatorade seems more beneficial for nutrient replenishment, Powerade’s sweeter taste maintains its popularity. To add these drinks to your store shelves, check out Statis Beverages, Brisbane’s best soft drink distributors.

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