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The Hottest Peppers in the World


You must have seen the top hottest peppers worldwide if you like spicy flavours. Chillies are the main ingredient in all cuisines that add flavour to bland food. Chillies are used in many dishes around the globe as an ingredient or sprinkled on top of the food to add a spicy kick.

Each year, hot pepper growers from around the globe discover new soil and temperatures that allow them to rank at the top. Below is a list of the most flaming peppers worldwide, with their Scoville Heat Unit (SHU).

Peppers from different regions can have different tastes.

Red Savina Habanero

This Red Savina Habanero was once the king among the peppers. It has moved up in the ranks with other hot peppers over time. It is the cultivator of habanero chilli, which has been bred for heavier and larger fruits.

7 Pot Red

7 Pot Red Chili Pepper is a Trinidadian product that smells similar to Naga Morich. The 7 Pot Red matures from green to a deep red colour in the Caribbean. One pod can make seven pots of hot food. It has an average of 1,000,000SHU.

7 Pot Barrackpore

7 Pot Barrackpore is a long-structured variety that looks much like Bhut Jolokia. It has wrinkled pods, a fruity taste, and a structure similar to Bhut Jolokia. It can burn you to death. 7 Pot Barrackpore is a Trinidadian product that starts out green and becomes bright red once fully grown.

Bhut Jolokia

You can see the ghost when you eat it, just like its name. It is a very popular pepper. This Bhut Jolokia has an amazing fact. Indians use it to keep wild elephants away. The elephants did not use Ghost pepper, but you can use it if you wish.

Naga Viper

This deep-red hybrid pepper is an English 3-way hybrid of Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Scorpion. This super hot pepper was created by years of cross-pollinating. Naga Viper plants cannot produce offspring that are as good as the parent. You must purchase the seeds directly from the creator if you want to grow this pepper.

Trinidad Scorpion ‘Butch

Although Scorpion Butch T is hot, other hot peppers can be just as hot. Butch Taylor, an Australian horticulturist, gave it the name Butch T. It averages 1,463,7000 SHU.

7 Pot Primo

7 Pot Primo was created by Troy Primeaux, a Louisianan. It has a fruity taste and is very hot. The pepper’s pungency is similar to Naga’s rich due to its distinctive tail. There are wide varieties of peppers, including yellow and orange.

Chocolate 7-Pot Douglah

Its chocolaty name is irresistible. It’s not chocolaty at all. The average rating for this hot pepper is 1,853,936 SH. This spicy, dark-coloured chilly gives it a pleasant flavour.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Although the Moruga Scorpion does not hold any Guinness records, it is still the hottest chilli pepper with 2,008,231 SHU. Fans add a small amount of this pepper to their dishes to add a burst of flavour. Because of the risk of skin irritation, the scientist who cultivates the Moruga Scorpion must wear multiple layers.

Carolina Reaper

The Carolina Reapers is the hottest pepper in the world, ranked by Guinness Records at 1.5 million SCU. Carolina was originally called the HP22B. It is red with a pointed tail and is gnarled. It is considered the greatest of all peppers. Ed Currie, the South Carolina-based owner of PukcerButt Pepper Company, is responsible for breeding this spicy pepper.

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