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There are 10 types of cleansers and their health risks


Detoxification used to be a procedure that was performed in hospitals to eliminate potentially dangerous toxins. Nowadays, detoxing at home is more popular. You can find “detox” cleanses in your local supermarket that claims to address various issues, including inflammation and excess weight. Fasting, special diets or speciality treatments are all possible options for detox. There are risks associated with some cleanses, so make sure you research before embarking on a cleanse. Although many cleanses can make you feel great, you should avoid those that don’t give you enough nutrition or cause you to feel worse afterwards.

Fasting and Food Restriction

One simple way to let your body rest and flush out toxins is by limiting certain foods or stopping eating altogether. This cleanses typically for a short time. You might fast for 2 to 3 days or cut down on sugar and soda for 21 days. You want to eliminate one thing that might be irritating your system and then see if it makes you feel better. This type of cleansing can be difficult to maintain over time.

Liver cleansing

Liver cleanses aim to improve liver function to filter out toxins better. Studies that have shown liver cleansing can help with detox are not conclusive. Research does indicate that whole food can support the liver’s natural detoxification process. You should not try liver cleansing supplements or any other method of detoxing your liver. Instead, ensure you get adequate nutrition and monitor how your body reacts to the cleanse. Stop the cleanse if you have any side effects and eat more healthy foods.

Juice Cleanse

Juice is no longer a snack for kids. Juice cleansing is a serious business, and there are much tasty juice cleanses available. You can boost antioxidants and vitamins by drinking only fresh, cold-pressed juice, even if your cleanse lacks nutrition. Juice should be limited to one or two days per week. Juices can contain lots of sugar which can cause noticeable spikes or dips in blood sugar.

Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is a legend. There are many different ways to do the Master Cleanse, but the basic formula is to drink water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. For increased energy, weight loss and decreased inflammation, some recommend this cleanse to be done for at least 10 days. Although you will lose weight, this cleanse may slow down your metabolism. You may gain more weight after your Master Cleanse ends and normally eat again. You also miss out on full nutrition, so keep this cleanse short.

Supplements and herbs

Many detox herbs and supplements are available to target various areas of your body like your liver, colon or immune system. Many recommend taking the supplements for at least two weeks to achieve maximum results. There are risks that your body does not get enough nutrition, and you may experience symptoms again after detox. Supplements can cause side effects if you are allergic to certain ingredients or interact negatively with medications. Talk to your doctor before you start taking supplements. If you feel worse within a few days or negatively react to them, it is best to stop taking them.

Colon Cleanse

The main methods for cleaning your lower digestive tract are laxatives and enemas. These methods promote bowel movements, which help eliminate waste from your system. Research has shown that clearing your colon is unnecessary and may even be dangerous. Colon cleanses that are too frequent can cause damage to your digestive system and immune system. You might also experience diarrhoea or nausea and dehydration. Talk to your doctor if you have digestive issues.

Parasite Cleanse

Parasites are more common than you might think. Tapeworms include roundworms (pinworms), roundworms (roundworms), hookworms, hookworms, and rope worms. These tiny critters can lead to brain fog, fatigue and other symptoms that make you feel sluggish. Although store-bought remedies claim to eliminate them, knowing if you have parasites is the real key. Talk to your doctor before you attempt a parasite cleanse. You may remove parasites from your body by changing how you eat to lower your sugar intake.

Foot Detox

The foot detox pads attach to your feet and draw out toxins. Although this product is very popular, there is no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness in any way. Although the footpads and ionic foot baths might look dirty, this could be due to ingredients such as wood vinegar. There have been no reports of foot detoxes posing any health risks. If you find them relaxing or simply fun to do, continue doing them.

Nasal Irrigation

A neti pot is an ancient yogic method of cleansing your sinuses. It is reported to help remove environmental irritants, such as those that can cause allergies symptoms or sinus infections. If you have a cold, it can help to flush out the mucus. It is easy: Pour a saline solution into one nostril and let it flow out the other. Next, you will repeat the process on the opposite side. Make sure you only use distilled water to ensure that your sinuses aren’t infected with bacteria.

Oxygen Detox

This detox method can help with headaches, brain function, immune system improvement, energy, and more. A mask or nasal tube delivers oxygen to your system. This is called an oxygen detox. This is a common procedure for people suffering from respiratory problems. However, it has provided a spa-like experience in the health sector since the late 1990s. This clean-air cleanse safely. However, it is illegal to give oxygen to anyone without a prescription. Also, scented oxygen can irritate the lungs.


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