Yummy Summer Drinks for Kids


With the temperatures soaring, there’s nothing more refreshing than a yummy summer drink. Whether you’re off to the beach or just relaxing in the park, an icy cold beverage just makes summer more bearable. As parents, you want to keep your children hydrated during the warm weather, but also ensure that they’re away from all the sugar-laden beverages. So what do you do when kids demand a refreshing summer sip? Try one of these yummy summer drinks for kids from Statis Beverages.

Famous Pals Kids Drinks

Famous Pals offers children’s drinks that are free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. They are sure to be a hit with children as they come in a range of their favourite fruit flavours. What’s more your kids will love the colourful bottles with all their favourite characters – Barbie, Dora, Ben 10, Thomas and Friends, Spiderman and more. Try yummy raspberry, apple blackcurrant, lime and more great flavours.

Famous Pals drinks are perfect to carry to the beach or a fun day at the park.PAL"s Kids Drinks

Thorpedo Sports Kids Drinks

It’s difficult to keep children hydrated while they are playing their favourite sport. Their minds and bodies are hard at work and play and sometimes, they may forget to stop for a drink. Thorpedo is a sports water formulated specially for children. It has 70% less sugar and kilojoules than most other soft drinks, fruit juices and cordials.

If you’re children are out playing sports, ensure you pack enough fluids and remind them to have them at regular intervals. Thorpedo sports drinks have ultra-low GI, no artificial sweeteners and are also approved by Focis, Fresh Tastes (NSW) and Smart Choices (QLD).

Zing Drinks for Kids

If your kids are craving for a yummy jelly snack, let them try Zing Drinks. Zing for kids have real fruit juice and fruit chunks and will keep their sugar cravings at bay. The easy, twist-to-open bottles come in different colours and flavours, and are fun to carry around.

Amuse Drinks

Thinking of a yummy, yet healthy drink for school lunches? Try Amuse fruit flavoured water. This all natural fruit flavoured water has no artificial colours, sweeteners and is school canteen approved. The drink comes in a cool bottle with a push to release cap.

LOL Fruit Drink

Imagine having the benefits of a fruit in a convenient, no-additive package. LOL drinks are 99% unsweetened fruit juice, high in vitamin C, with only a little carbonation to give it fizz. This is a great option for kids craving for carbonated colas. LOL drinks contain only natural colours and sugars and are completely preservative free, thus making it a great choice for the school lunch box.

LOL drinks come in a variety of flavours – tropical, raspberry, blackcurrant, P Chee, all yummy fruit flavours that will be loved by children.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot

Stay away from the sugar laden fruit juices available in supermarkets and try Robinsons Fruit Shoot. A perfect lunch box companion, this is a fruit juice drink designed especially for kids. It offers a unique blend of water and 25% fruit juice.

Statis Beverages is a wholesale distributor of children’s drinks in Brisbane. If you’re looking to stock up on your kid’s favourite summer drinks, then contact us for details.

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